BSSA Soccer Competition

For the past few years SLK has been training our students for the different BSSA sports competitions. The teams were doing okay, but we felt that they were not really performing to their potential. The PE department looked into the Sports program and proposed a more intensive training that would aid SLK, not just in BSSA, but other sports competitions as well. More rigorous trainings and better coaches were assigned according to their field of expertise.

We have been extremely pleased with the results of our Sports Program so far this year, as seen in the results of the recently concluded BSSA Soccer Competition. We sent a total of 4 teams – 9-10 years old boys team, 11-12 years old boys team, 13-15 years old girls team and 13-15 years old boys team. In the West side Division, all 3 boy’s teams placed first while our girls team got 2nd place. This qualified them to move on to the Championship rounds against the East schools. Our 11-12 years old boys did extremely well by winning the coveted trophy when they beat Dyatmika 2-0.

SLK will continue to encourage, develop and train our students in order for them to be even more competitive. Our dedicated sports team are always helping our students to improve so that can achieve even more, and hopefully win more trophies for the school.