Sekolah Lentera Kasih Bali is opening some vacancies for 2020/2021 academic years.

School Counsellor

Job description:
• Developing, implementing, and managing school guidance programs
• Working with students in individual, small group and classroom settings
• coordinate and facilitate groups for students, such as for improving social skills or addressing behavioral challenges
• Working with students to develop critical life skills such as organization and time management
• Assisting students with creating an academic plan for their education
• Helping students plan for college and a successful career after graduation
• respond effectively to crises affecting students and faculty
• recognize and appropriately take care of individual students’ socio-emotional challenges
• provide mental health and behavioral counseling to students
• Collaborating with other educators and administrators to ensure counseling programs meet school goals and to determine how best to meet individual students’ needs
• Monitoring and recording student progress to ensure counseling programs are effective
• complete regular reports for services provided, such as session notes and incident reports
• Support the value, mission, and vision of the school
• Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Education, Counseling or equivalent.
• At least 3 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
• Have demonstrated the ability to work with children or young adults
• Be willing to grow, to be challenged
• Experience as a counselor will be an advantage
• Fluent in English

The vacancies open for both local and expatriate teachers. Please click this link to apply.