Kangaroo Science Competition

Congratulations to SLK Bali students:

Juan Alvaro – Grade 1 (Gold medal)

Jonathan William Weaver – Grade 1 (Silver medal)

Ashlea Maggie Putri Tuddenham – Grade 1 (Bronze medal)

Madalynn Ashlee Handaya – Grade 1 (Honorable mention)

Milind Paliwal – Grade 4 (Bronze medal)

Chevaril Krasivaya J. Sihombing – Grade 5 (Honorable mention)

Kangaroo is one of the most prestigious international competitions for students. This year is the first time that Kangaroo has held a science competition. The Bali regional event was held at SLK in collaboration with the Surya Institute Jakarta. This competition is open to all students from Bali who are passionate about science. All our students that participated enjoyed the challenge. There were over 1000 children from all over Bali who took part in this event, so we are so proud of our students’ results. Great job everyone!