Lollypop and SLK Bali celebrate 15th Foundation Day

Lollypop and SLK Bali celebrate 15th Foundation Day After 15 years of delivering quality education to the children of Bali, Lollypop and SLK celebrated their foundation day on April 4 to 6. The three-day celebration started with an opening program on Thursday morning and it was participated in by the parents, teacher, staff [...]

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World Mathematics Invitational On Saturday, February 23 2019, Sekolah Lentera Kasih held the World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) preliminary round for Indonesia. This event was organised with the cooperation of Yayasan Edukultur, Jakarta. The World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) is an international math event. It presents mathematicians and mathematics educators a broad platform for the [...]

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Math Kangaroo Competition

Math Kangaroo Competition 2019 The atmosphere on the morning of 23 March was electrifying as over a hundred students looked for their names in order to find their rooms to compete in the Math Kangaroo Contest 2019. Math Kangaroo originated in France and has now reached the shores of Indonesia. Together with Surya [...]

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“Xīnnián kuàile!” This is how the Chinese greet each other at the start of the prosperous year of 2019. This year, the SLK Bali annual Chinese New Year Celebration took place on the 4th February 2019. In the morning, the celebration started with an exciting lion dance performance by Mutiara Naga. The lion, a [...]

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Dyatmika Science Fair 2019

Dyatmika Science Fair 2019 On 19th January 2019, Dyatmika organised the Dyatmika Science Fair to promote research and experimentation in the sciences at high school level. At the Science fair, students had the chance to meet like-minded, dedicated and enthusiastic students from other schools, learn about future careers in Science, and be inspired [...]

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EF Spelling Bee Competition

EF Spelling Bee Competition Congratulations to Nicholas Darlim Halim of grade 6 and Nicole Allesandra Darminta grade 2, who both finished as second place winners at the EF Spelling Bee competition. We are extremely proud of their achievement, as well as all the other students who participated, as nearly all of them made [...]

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Chef Liana

Chef Liana Chef Liana Wegner-Gray, the best-selling author of The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes came to SLK Bali and Lollypop Preschool on November 21, 2018, to share quick and healthy tips to the parents and to talk about choosing the right kind of food to eat with our Preschool and Grade 1 [...]

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Kangaroo Science Competition

Kangaroo Science Competition Congratulations to SLK Bali students: Juan Alvaro - Grade 1 (Gold medal) Jonathan William Weaver - Grade 1 (Silver medal) Ashlea Maggie Putri Tuddenham - Grade 1 (Bronze medal) Madalynn Ashlee Handaya - Grade 1 (Honorable mention) Milind Paliwal - Grade 4 (Bronze medal) Chevaril Krasivaya J. Sihombing - Grade [...]

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BSSA Soccer Competition

BSSA Soccer Competition For the past few years SLK has been training our students for the different BSSA sports competitions. The teams were doing okay, but we felt that they were not really performing to their potential. The PE department looked into the Sports program and proposed a more intensive training that would [...]

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JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament

JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament In October, Jembatan Budaya School held its annual “JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament”, an event that we participated last year and made it to the semi-finals and lost. This year, with our new program from the sports department, we set our eyes on the grand prize. The latest [...]

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