Chef Liana

Chef Liana Wegner-Gray, the best-selling author of The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes came to SLK Bali and Lollypop Preschool on November 21, 2018, to share quick and healthy tips to the parents and to talk about choosing the right kind of food to eat with our Preschool and Grade 1 students. She shared about her experiences as a child where she was addicted to junk food and how she had a wake -up call of her life and decided to let go of her old habit and turn a new leaf. Chef Liana is also a celebrity chef who is based in New York and regularly visits schools to talk about health and nutritional tips that are easy for kids of any age to understand and appreciate.

In her talk, she emphasized on the importance eating real food made from earth’s natural ingredients. According to her, if you choose to eat meat, use organic meat from animals that range free, are given non-GMO feed grown without pesticides, and are raised without growth hormones and antibiotics. Staying away from food that contains refined sugar, gluten, dairy and Genetically modified (GMO) foods will be good for us. And if you like dessert, eat organic chocolate occasionally.

The parents as well as the children had a wonderful time listening to her. We have learned a lot from her brief talk and it was truly a day full of realization. Are we making the right choice when it comes to the food that we eat?  We have come to realize that the choice that we make now, will definitely affect our future.