SRC Debate

SRC Debate On Monday 6th August SLK Bali held the Student Representative Council debate. This was an opportunity for the SRC Parties to showcase their debating skills and impress their fellow secondary students with their persuasive techniques. The topic for this year’s debate was whether books are still relevant in the digital age. [...]

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UMA Seminyak Workshop

UMA Seminyak Workshop On 28 and 29 July 2018, Sekolah Lentera Kasih (SLK) Bali was invited to join the ‘Fun Charcoal Monster’ and ‘Mask & Coloring’ Workshops held by Uma Seminyak. Ms. Ruth, from Uma Seminyak, said that these workshops were part of their ‘Dolanan’ exhibition and to celebrate Indonesian National Children Day. [...]

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Field Trip to The Neka Museum

Neka Art Museum Visit At the beginning of August secondary students, myself included, went on our first Art field trip to Ubud. Mr Ghandi, SLK Bali's Art teacher, had made all the arrangements for us to visit the Neka Art Museum. We met up at school in the morning and we were all [...]

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The Math KANGAROO Contest 2018, SLK Bali

The Math KANGAROO Contest 2018, SLK Bali The Math KANGAROO Contest began in France in 1991, and quickly became popular in throughout Europe. In 2004, the International Association "Kangourou San Frontieres", abbreviated to KSF, was formed. About 69 countries and more than 6 million students worldwide have followed the Math Kangaroo Contest. [...]

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SLK Bali – Lollypop Family Fun Day 2018

SLK Bali - Lollypop Family Fun Day 2018 On Saturday March 3, 2018 we celebrated our 14th SLK and Lollypop Foundation Day. We celebrated it by having a Family Fun Day where families met and supported each other in games and celebration. We opened the event by having Lollypop students danced together, continued [...]

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Grade 3 Students Goes to Taman Nusa

Grade 3 Students Goes to Taman Nusa On Tuesday February 20th, grade 3 SLK Bali went for a field trip to Taman Nusa. We went on a tour around the miniature of Indonesia visiting the ethnic groups’ traditional houses. Indonesia has so many ethnic groups with unique traditional houses. Some even built the [...]

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Chinese New Year 2018 Celebration

SLK Bali Chinese New Year 2018 Celebration Nín hǎo ! To celebrate Chinese New Year 2018. On Thrusday, February 15, 2018 SLK held some competition to celebrate Chinese New Year 2018. There are some activities for Primary and Secondary. Primary students play Chinese Whispers, Number codes, Chopstick with angpao, and Writing Chinese Character. [...]

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Grade 1 Students Goes to Eco Bali Recycling

Grade 1 student goes to Eco Bali Recycling On Tuesday, February 6, 2018 all grade 1 students went on a fieldtrip to Eco Bali Recycling. We went there to learn about reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also wanted to learn about waste management to make our environment with zero waste. We gathered at [...]

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