Kangaroo Science Competition

Kangaroo Science Competition Congratulations to SLK Bali students: Juan Alvaro - Grade 1 (Gold medal) Jonathan William Weaver - Grade 1 (Silver medal) Ashlea Maggie Putri Tuddenham - Grade 1 (Bronze medal) Madalynn Ashlee Handaya - Grade 1 (Honorable mention) Milind Paliwal - Grade 4 (Bronze medal) Chevaril Krasivaya J. Sihombing - Grade [...]

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BSSA Soccer Competition

BSSA Soccer Competition For the past few years SLK has been training our students for the different BSSA sports competitions. The teams were doing okay, but we felt that they were not really performing to their potential. The PE department looked into the Sports program and proposed a more intensive training that would [...]

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JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament

JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament In October, Jembatan Budaya School held its annual “JB Inter-School Basketball Invitational Tournament”, an event that we participated last year and made it to the semi-finals and lost. This year, with our new program from the sports department, we set our eyes on the grand prize. The latest [...]

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Pasar Pagi

Pasar Pagi It has been four months since the first major earthquake struck Lombok, and two months since the devastating tsunami hit Sulawesi. However, SLK Bali students are still showing continuous initiatives to help the victims of these fatal natural disasters, the most recent effort being “Pasar Pagi”. As always, the event was [...]

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Literacy Week

Literacy Week Last week, SLK Bali celebrated Literacy Week with a host of activities associated with books and reading. For the primary students, the week kicked off with the homeroom teachers reading their favourite books to their students. Meanwhile, secondary students started decorating their homerooms with a book related theme. During the week, [...]

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Rajut Asa

Rajut Asa When asked to come up with an idea of how to raise money for Lombok in a school assembly, the Grade 12 students thought of this: What if we started an organisation that involved all the international schools of Bali to raise funds for not just Lombok, but anybody that needed [...]

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Rajut Asa Untuk Lombok

Rajut Asa Untuk Lombok SLK Bali & Dyatmika School proudly present "Rajut Asa Untuk Lombok". 'Rajut' which directly translates to weave and 'Asa', which means hope, is a student-run fundraiser event which aims to help the victims of the recent Lombok earthquake. The reason behind the name 'Rajut Asa' is because the SRC [...]

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ASMOP 2018

ASMOP 2018 SLK Bali was the official venue of ASIAN SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD FOR PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS in Bali. On the 15th of September 2018 students from SLK Bali and other Balinese schools took the test for the Regional Round. Winning candidates will advance to the next round in Jakarta in October [...]

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World Scholar’s Cup, Melbourne, Australia – August 2018

World Scholar’s Cup, Melbourne, Australia - August 2018 This was the first time that SLK Bali had participated in the World Scholar’s Cup and the students loved every minute of it. They started their journey here in Bali for the regional round. 9 students (3 teams) expressed their interest to join and participate. They [...]

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