Hari Pahlawan

Hari Pahlawan This November,  SLK held a flag ceremony in commemoration of Hero's Day. This activity aims to strengthen national pride and  to always honour the services of heroes who have fought for the independence of the Indonesian nation. Students are expected as the future generations to be strong and can feel that [...]

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United Nations Day 2017 – SLK & Lollypop Bali

United Nations Day 2017 - SLK & Lollypop Bali On the 19th and 20th of October 2017, we celebrated the United Nations Day. It actually falls on 24th October and it is celebrated to promote human rights, social progress and world peace. This is an important celebration for us as a school as [...]

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Donation for the refugees of Mount Agung – 27 September 2017

Donation for the refugees of Mount Agung - 27 September 2017 With the help of PSG, parents, students, teachers and staffs, our school received donations of foods, mats, blankets, bed covers, toys, clothes, masks, women's pads, diapers, medicines and more to help the refugees of Mount Agung. On 27th of September 2017, [...]

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Twinning Day

Twinning Day SLK celebrated its first spirit day on September 12 with the theme ‘Twinning Day’. It was our SRC who came up with the idea for the students of SLK to test their creativity, mutual bonds and the spirit they have for SLK. The students of SLK did not disappoint. As [...]

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Indonesian Independence Day Celebration

Indonesian Independence Day Celebration On Friday, August 18th, 2017 SLK celebrated the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day with a huge of excitement. The students, teachers and some parents came in the morning to have a flag raising ceremony. The fun of the day continued with some exciting games, which are Semangka (Semangat Kaka), Lari [...]

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Sharing: Early Step to Develop Compassion and Generosity

“This is mine!” “Miss, he doesn’t want to share his toys” “Miss, she always keep her toys!” This word sound familiar, especially for preschool teacher. Not only at school, parents also meet this situation at home when their child doesn’t want to share the toys with their sibling or peers. Why these things can happen? [...]

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3rd Art & Music Appreciation Show

This year the school organized our 3rd Art & Music Appreciation Night. It was again a very good opportunity for the students to show their talent in music and art. We had on stage individual and group performances by students who were selected from grade 5 and above.  Besides that, we had more than 70 [...]

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