World Scholar’s Cup, Melbourne, Australia – August 2018

This was the first time that SLK Bali had participated in the World Scholar’s Cup and the students loved every minute of it. They started their journey here in Bali for the regional round. 9 students (3 teams) expressed their interest to join and participate. They were expecting to only take part in debates, not realising that WSC offers holistic activities that also involve socialisation, cultural fair and of course, academic events. Amazingly, all three teams qualified to go to the Global Round. 7 students continued the journey to the Global round where 27 countries, 1600 students participated during 4 intense days.

Goals of World Scholar’s Cup

  • To motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills.
  • To inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.

There were 6 subject areas that they needed to cover; Special Area, Art and Music, Science, History, Social Studies and Literature. They were given terms to remember, guiding questions and a lot of articles, artwork, videos and poems to study. They were exposed to a variety of materials, including musical compositions. Even the background of some of the art pieces were explored. And through this experience the students learnt so much about history, culture and the arts.

They also learnt new skills. There was a total of 4 team events, all academic in nature; Team Debate, Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing and Scholar’s Challenge. One of the main skills they obtained from this competition was Public Speaking. Writing, critical thinking and team work were some of the other skills they got out of the competition. However, the organisers wanted an event where students also got a chance to meet, interact and get to know the other students from around the world. Activities like the Scholar’s Ball, Cultural Fair and Scholar’s Scavenge ensured that socially these students had a very meaningful experience. At the end of it, the students from all over the world loved the challenge.

We would like to congratulate Clara Gunawan for making it to the next round, the Tournament of Champions. This prestigious event is held at Yale University and around five thousand students will participate in this final round.

Below are the other medals received by our students.

Debate Champions

Clara Gunawan – Silver Medal
Rachit Khandelwal – Silver Medal
Cindy Clara Lerrick – Silver Medal (Art)

Writing Champions

Tyo Wun – Silver Medal

Scholar’s Challenge

Rachit Khandelwal – Silver Medal (Special Area)
Cindy Clara Lerrick – Gold Medal (Best Scholar From SLK)
Cindy Clara Lerrick – Silver Medal (Art)
Khairani Syafina – Silver Medal (Literature)
Khairani Syafina – Silver Medal (Special Area)
Tyo Wun – Silver Medal (History)
Tyo Wun – Silver Medal (Special Area)
Karina Gunawan – Silver Medal (Science)
Karina Gunawan – Gold Medal (Special Area)
Karina Gunawan – Gold Medal (History)

Team Writing

Clara Gunawan – Silver Medal

Da Vinci Award

Dylan Saputra – Gold Medal

Congratulations to all of the SLK Bali World Scholar’ Cup team. You did our school proud with your effort and your behaviour throughout this unique experience.