SRC Debate

On Monday 6th August SLK Bali held the Student Representative Council debate. This was an opportunity for the SRC Parties to showcase their debating skills and impress their fellow secondary students with their persuasive techniques.

The topic for this year’s debate was whether books are still relevant in the digital age. Tigra Rose’s party were for the resolution, and Fani Mustika and Ben Reichardt’s parties were both arguing against. Tigra’s team went first, followed by Ben, with Fani’s party putting forward their arguments last. The three teams then had a few minutes to put together their rebuttal of the other parties’ arguments.

It was a lively debate with all three parties showing their strong debating skills. Ben’s party used humour as a way to engage the students and argue their points. Fani’s party used language extremely persuasively, and Tigra’s party stayed on topic throughout making some excellent observations about why books are still relevant today.

It was so close that the judges thought that it was best for the students to use their vote on Wednesday to decide who the winner of this debate was. Well, the students overwhelmingly voted for Fani and victory was won by a landslide, making her the first student at SLK Bali to be the SRC president twice. Congratulations!