Basically, our program is divided into 2 activities after our launch on 2nd November 2019:

*        Saturday Academy, every Saturday (for Grade 9 -12)

*        Story Telling, twice a year (for Grade 9-12)

Last Saturday, 16th November 2019, 8 of our  grade 11 students went to SDN 2 Serangan for the Saturday Academy program. Our students joined this program as HOPE volunteers. They tried to teach primary students in SDN 2 Serangan. HOPE divided SLK students into 4 groups, they taught from grade 3 – 6. They assigned the primary students to draw what they feel and try to make a story based on their drawings. After that they asked them to share their story in English in front of their class.

This was an amazing experience for all of our students. All of our students are excited to join this program. It is a precious experience for our students.

I hope by doing this, our SLK students can be more humble, sensitive, and respectful towards others.