Papermoon Puppet Theatre Bersua: Arribas Las Hu! Manos Goes to SLK Bali

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, SLK Bali got visited by Arribas Las Hu! Manos, an Argentina based puppet theatre, with its members Enrique and Laura. Their visit is part of the Papermoon Puppet Theatre program called BERSUA. The program from this Yogyakarta puppet theatre is to host puppetery artists from abroad who would love to share and present their works to the Indonesian audiences in Yogyakarta, and now for the first time in Bali. Their Bali visit is also hosted by Ketemu Project, a contemporary art collective and social enterprise hybrid based in Bali.

SLK Bali becomes one of the lucky places Arribas Las Hu! Manos offer their Hand Puppet Making workshops. The workshops were given in two sessions, first session with Grade 6 and second session with IGCSE Art students (Grade 9 and 10). Despite their initial struggles in making the first steps of the puppet’s head and neck, the students enjoy the third step of covering it with clay – shaping it to a character or creature they desire to make. Lastly, they were taught some basics on how to ‘give life’ to the puppets in an exciting and imaginative way – how to walk, how to move the head, the hands, and eventually greeting one puppet with another. The students enjoyed it very much and we hope that this has been a great experience also knowledge for them all to continue with. Thank you Arribas Las Hu! Manos for a creative artsy day!