Grade 3 Students Goes to Taman Nusa

On Tuesday February 20th, grade 3 SLK Bali went for a field trip to Taman Nusa. We went on a tour around the miniature of Indonesia visiting the ethnic groups’ traditional houses. Indonesia has so many ethnic groups with unique traditional houses. Some even built the houses above the ground to avoid wild animals around their neighborhood.

The view in Taman Nusa was very beautiful, we went through a cave and bridge. In some areas we also learnt some traditional dances from South Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara. They played the traditional songs and taught us how to dance.

In the area of Jogjakarta, we learnt how to do batik tulis art. It is an art of painting in a cloth with hot wax. They had prepared the picture and we learnt to paint it using the melted wax. It was a new experience for us and it was really fun.

Valuable experience:
We were amazed by the variety of cultures that Indonesia posses. Each culture is unique and beautiful. It made us realize that Indonesia is a country that is very rich with cultures and arts. The more we know about Indonesia, the more we are able to appreciate the land we are living in.