This year SLK has a program called Community Service. One of the programs is to work with NGO HOPE Worldwide Indonesia. 

NGO Hope recommended their program named Gerakan Indonesia Bermain, which is an event held in several cities in Indonesia simultaneously. 

This event provided an opportunity to launch SLK “The Community Service” program that work with HOPE Worldwide Indonesia for this academic year. 

This event was organized to achieve the following goals/missions:

  1.         Creation of GOLD GENERATION 2045
  2.         Fulfilling CHILDREN’S RIGHTS Playing for Optimal Growth and Development
  3.         Strengthen the relationship of parents and children in the family
  4.         Returning the Culture / Values of Togetherness and SOCIAL ACTIVITIES
  5.         Preserving Indonesian Traditional Games


HOPE Bali invited students from SDN 2 Serangan who have been their partner in their project. The students of SDN 2 Serangan are from grades 3 – 6  (142 students). 

This Community Service will not end with this event, but will continue with the following programs, Saturday Academy and Story Telling. 

Some of SLK students will join as volunteers for the future events.