Dyatmika Science Fair 2019

On 19th January 2019, Dyatmika organised the Dyatmika Science Fair to promote research and experimentation in the sciences at high school level. At the Science fair, students had the chance to meet like-minded, dedicated and enthusiastic students from other schools, learn about future careers in Science, and be inspired by other students’ research and ideas.The occasion was graced by Mr. Robin Backhouse, one of the senior teachers at Dyatmika, as science coordinator. Four schools from Bali participated in the competition: Canggu Community School, Dyatmika, Jembatan Budaya School and SLK.

The competition started at 10 am and all participants were divided into two categories: senior category (A / AS level) and junior category (IGCSE). SLK sent 2 teams in the senior category. Nauval Alif Imani and Jonathan Tarlim, our Physics group, came up with title, “Mankind’s Greatest (Manual) Siege Weapon”. They were comparing two different siege mechanisms – the trebuchet and the catapult – to find out which one was the most effective. The second group, Liquido Dodireynaldie Myring and Jocelyn Betricia Fayola, our Bio Chemistry group were presenting their idea of using recycled ground coffee as an alternative fertilizer. They compared the effectiveness of ground coffee compared to chemical fertilizer by using it to grow lettuce using Hydroponics.

Despite strong competition from the other schools, SLK are proud to announce that Liquido and Jocelyn won first prize for their project! The winning teams were awarded trophies and medals by the Science Committee. The day was a great experience for all of the students involved and SLK would like to thank the students, teachers and principals for their efforts.