This year’s Blow Out was full of excitement and meaningful impact. 

At the start of the day, students were placed in four groups, according to their team colours. Together, they faced a series of team building challenges, including “Spider’s Web” and “Van Gogh”. In “Spider’s Web”, students faced a tangled web of ropes fixed to the soccer goal post. With the use of teamwork and communication, they had to help get each team member through the holes in the web. The game “Van Gogh” was named after the famous painter because it required students to paint the SLK Bali logo. In a fun twist, the paintbrush was tied to multiple strings, each held by a different team member. Students had to strategically pull on the strings and manipulate the paintbrush carefully in order to paint the logo. This taught the students to develop patience and trust in the other members. 

After the snack break, the students continued more interactive activities. For instance, in “Let It Snow”, team members sat in a line and passed handfuls of flour over their heads to the team members behind them. Not only did students enjoy playing in the snow, but they also learned the importance of being careful, gentle, and cooperative.  Another highlight was a game called “SWAT”. To play this game, team members had to collect water to fill a pipe, while simultaneously using their hands to plug the holes in the pipe to keep the water from leaking. This fast-paced game required everyone to work hard and stay focused to win the race. 

At the end of the day, these activities were able to teach the students the importance of teamwork and cooperation, while building camaraderie and memories to last a lifetime.

Written by Nina Carolina and Shakilla Ramadhan, Grade 12 A Level English