2019 World Scholars Cup, Bali Round

We were blown away by the success of our two teams at the 2019 World Scholars Cup, Bali Round. Our Junior girls team (Cindy, Khaira, Jocelyn) and Senior boys team (Rachit, Dylan, Tyo) were unstoppable, winning dozens of awards and four trophies at the two-day competition held at Australian Independent School, from 9-10 May.

Our students studied hard, covering the breadth of the 6-subject syllabus centered around the theme “A World on the Margins”. The Special Area questions were particularly intriguing, investigating “Unsolved Mysteries” like the Bermuda triangle, our need for sleep, and Stonehenge.

The boys ranked 3rd in the Senior division for their amazing team performance in the Scholars Bowl. They worked together, clicking answers from a remote control to a slideshow of challenging questions, and wagering just the right amount of points to secure them a well-earned trophy.

The girls excelled in the Team Debate, earning a trophy for placing 2nd place in the Junior division. They worked together to build solid arguments and they delivered exceptional speeches and rebuttals.

Two students stood out for their notable individual achievements: Khaira won a trophy for the Asimov Award, a unique distinction for her first-place performance in the entire Scholars Challenge and Jocelyn earned a trophy for her amazing first-place essay in the Writing Challenge.

Clearly, all their hard work paid off and qualified them for the much-anticipated Beijing Global Round. We are so proud of their achievements and can’t wait to see how they do next year!