CONGRATULATIONS For SLK for achievement of "A" from The National Accreditation Bureau

Welcome to Lollypop Preschool and Sekolah Lentera Kasih (SLK)-BALI’s website.

This school year marks the 10th year of operation for Lollypop Preschool Bali and the 9th for SLK Bali. Lollypop Preschool was first established in 1993 and Sekolah Lentera Kasih in 1999 in Jakarta, and we opened Lollypop Bali in 2004 and SLK Bali in 2005.

As sister schools to each other, Lentera Kasih is here  for Lollypop graduates to continue their primary and secondary years with the same values of education in their early years.

Our school adopts pedagogy in line with modern educational thinking which offers a coherent curriculum and an assessment program that meets the most rigorous international standards and provides benchmarks to measure both process and progress of students’ learning.  Various extra curricular activities such as sports, performing and visual arts, music, information technology and planned educational excursions are provided to enhance students’ gifts, talents and competencies beyond the classrooms, enriching their skills and positive attitudes.

We aim to foster the social, moral, ethical, emotional and spiritual growth of our students. This is applied on daily activities led by qualified, dedicated, caring and inspirational teachers through quality instructions and an awareness of the value and potential of each child. A committed team of staff ensures a safe, friendly and caring environment, dedicated to quality service within the school community.

We welcome visitors to visit our campuses and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our school programs.

God bless you all.

Jenny Sumarauw
Head of School

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