grade-7-working-on-their-paintingTo join SLK the past three months have been exciting for me. Having coming from a similar British education background, it has been a very interesting experience to be able to share the knowledge in a Cambridge system school in Bali – where I come from.

Some of the subjects I took in high school were GCSE ICT, A Levels ICT also A Levels Art and Design. Since joining SLK, I have been teaching in ICT for Secondary level and Art for Primary Grade 6. This has given me an insight how these two lab based classes are still very important in developing the children’s skills.

Despite the existence of the digital, the instance and advanced technology worlds of gadgets – which all accessed by touchscreen – ICT and Art give the gist on how your hand and observing skills are not to be forgotten. What is taught in ICT and Art might sound too old school for the kids today, but it is still very valuable for the future especially on enhancing their interpersonal skills.

One of the memorable moments by far is the exhibition that took place in the secondary levels’ homerooms during the Indonesian Week connected to the Indonesian Independence Day last August. As a reliever of ICT and Grade 7C Homeroom teacher, Ms. Wina, I was also involved in the Grade 7C’s progress on creating their 4 meters wide collaborative decorative painting about Betawi/Jakarta with Ms. Tety’s Homeroom Grade 7D.

Here both the ICT and Art labs along with its skills were used. To do their research on Jakarta they had to look up for pictures, examples, and information through the World Wide Web, while creating their painting in the Art lab. Seeing them expressing their ideas and guiding them alongside their Art teacher, Mr. Gandhi, on drawing, colouring also decorating using paint. During the Secondary level’s homeroom exhibitions, a lot of the teachers did not believe that the Grade 7 created it, yet the truth is they are brilliant students that are creative.

Very excited to see what is coming up next during Art and Music Appreciation Night! Bali International School


Ms. Savitri