Neka Art Museum Visit

At the beginning of August secondary students, myself included, went on our first Art field trip to Ubud. Mr Ghandi, SLK Bali’s Art teacher, had made all the arrangements for us to visit the Neka Art Museum. We met up at school in the morning and we were all excited about what was to come. Along the way, we stopped to grab some food to eat on the spot and later on for lunch. We got our food and off we went to Ubud.

Once we arrived at the Museum, the real work began. We gathered at the entrance and took a few pictures, and then the tour de Musée commenced. We started off at the Traditional Paintings section that was directly after the entry. As we went in, the walls were packed with traditional styles such as the Chinese Ink Technique, which was unique in its own regard, due to the lack of use of this type of technique in contemporary art.  Everything went as expected with a sprinkle of wow factors on top caused by how grand these paintings were, truly grand. I also found that the information beside these paintings were perfect to further help my research on my Art journey.

After we skimmed through the contemporary art gallery and the Arie Smit Pavilion we took a little break from our field trip to take notes and catch up with all that had been going on. Then, we visited the other art sub-galleries, such as the Indonesian Art building and the Art annex building, which had plenty of paintings made with oil paint created by all sorts of painters from local unknown Balinese painters to established foreign painters such as Louis Nagelkerke.

The time now was 11.30, lunch time was here, and we left the museum, went to the courtyard and began munching on our KFC meals that we had bought this morning. Continuing on, we did the tasks that we had been given, such as creating a sketch inspired by the paintings inside the galleries. Before leaving we gave a generous donation to the museum, and then hopped on to the bus to go back to school.

It was a great day, really enlightening and inspiring.

by  Naufal A. (A Level Student – SLK Bali)